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Mopping/Apron & Microfiber Solutions

Let Baltimore Washington Mat Service take the hassle out of laundry, inexpensively! Ask us about the “ultimate clean” with Microfiber.

Bib Aprons Kitchen Towels – White, black, green aprons, perfect for kitchens, sub/pizza shops and restaurants. Use to protect uniform, chef coat, or street clothes from random spatter and spills. Kitchen towels and bar towels serviced and returned to you each week, hassle free.

Towel Service – Soft absorbent gym towels in convenient work-out size or bath size. Our bath towels come in three weights, good, better & best. We offer cotton kitchen towels or microfiber towels for all types of cleaning, soft, absorbent and effective. Several colors available for color coding of different cleaning jobs.

Mop Service – We provide both traditional and microfiber mops for dust mopping and wet mopping. Health care facility managers, we understand your needs and the dangers of cross-contamination. Let us help you with our color-coded microfiber products.

Towel Service at Baltimore Washington Mat ServiceCotton Fiber at Baltimore Washington Mat ServiceMicrofiber at Baltimore Washington Mat Service

Apron cleaning service at Baltimore Washington Mat ServiceMicrofiber Wet Mops service at Baltimore Washington Mat ServiceMicrofiber Dust Mops at Baltimore Washington Mat Service

Baltimore Washington Mat Facts

The Three P’s. Service Continuity = Consistency in product, process and personnel. If you are a facilities or maintenance manager, you want service providers to operate quietly in the background, with minimal input from you. You have enough to do. We use quality products, proven processes and long tenured personnel at Baltimore Washington Mat Service. Our success is a result of “The Three P’s”. Baltimore Washington Mat Service employees have been serving some of the finest companies in the Washington DC, Baltimore, Washington, Northern Virginia, Delaware, Southern Pennsylvania and Delmarva areas. Many of our customers still have the same route service rep they had when they started. Mop service, aprons & towels, floor mats and matting, microfiber mops and towels and more. Check our Easy Programs page for a ready-made program, or let us design a custom mat program for your medical facility office, plant, school, warehouse or business.

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