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Americans with Disabilities (ADA)

Americans with Disabilities Act Section 4.5.1 “Ground and floor surfaces along accessible routes and in accessible rooms and spaces including floors, walks, stairs, and curb ramps, shall be stable, firm, slip-resistant…” Section 4.5.2 “…Changes in level between 1/4 inch and 1/2 inch shall be beveled with a slope no greater than 1:2…” Section 4.5.3 “…Maximum pile thickness (height) shall be 1/2 inch…” Section 4.5.3 “If carpet or carpet tile is used on a ground or floor surface, then it shall be securely attached… Exposed edges of carpet shall be fastened to floor surfaces and have trim along the entire length of the exposed edge.”

Fact 1: Baltimore Washington Mat Rental’s Professional Mat Service provides mats that have a stable, firm, skid-resistant surface. By design, our mats meet the change in level, pile height and Static Coefficient of Friction requirements of the ADA. Our mats help collect and contain the dirt, grit, and moisture that could otherwise contribute to slip and fall accidents.

Fact 2: Rental Mats are not carpets. Section 4.5.3 of the ADA may raise questions regarding the use of rental mats in public access areas. We would like to give you the facts surrounding this topic. It is the opinion of the former Assistant Attorney General W. Lee Rawls, United States Department of Justice, that “Rental mats are not considered carpeting, and therefore, are not subject to the requirements” of ADA Section 4.5.3. Attorneys for the leading textile rental association, the Textile Rental Service Association, also conclude that it is not necessary to permanently affix rental mats to a floor surface. There are many purchased mats that do not meet the requirements of the ADA, and it is recommended that these be removed:

  • Carpet Remnants
  • Unbeveled or unbacked matting
  • Rippled vinyl-backed mats
  • Scatter rugs

Fact 3: Rental mats, when properly placed and maintained, enhance accessibility. The former Assistant Attorney General also states that “If movable floor mats impede access for people with disabilities, they may need to be moved or removed.” It is important that all mats be placed correctly so that they do not create a trip hazard. Our Professional Mat Service program helps ensure the correct placement of your mats. Should a mat become torn or rippled, it should be removed immediately and reported to our route personnel. Together, we can make our country safer and more assessible for all Americans. Architects, designers and owners of existing and new facilities can be assured that our company is aware of the ADA legislations, and that our mats meet or exceed the recommendations and intent of the ADA.

We hope this information has cleared any confusion that you may have experienced over the use of our professional mat service with regards to the ADA.

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MRSA is a bacteria that is resistant to antibiotics. As such, it is difficult to eradicate and is easily spread once entering a public facility such as a school or a hospital. Anti-microbial mats are available for medical facilities and should be part of a medical facility’s cleanliness and infection control plan. Call Baltimore Washington Mat Service for more information about our anti-microbial mats: 410-558-3362.

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