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Why Mat Service?

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We provide a broad variety of mat styles to match the needs of all of our customers. Our mats provide the following benefits:

  1. Mats protect your floors, reducing cost of floor cleaning and replacement.
  2. Mats help prevent accidents, protecting your customers and employees from costly slips and falls.
  3. 85% of the dirt entering a building comes from the feet of its occupants. Mats are the first line of defense against 85% of dirt and particulate matter that enter your building.
  4. Carpeted commercial mats trap soil and moisture until it can be removed for servicing.
  5. Mats hide stains and wear, giving your business a neat and clean appearance.
  6. Less dirt entering your building = less dirt to be removed = less janitorial expense. β€œThe average cost to remove 1 lb of dirt from a building can exceed $600.00”. The International Sanitary Supply Assoc.
  7. β€œ$1.00 spent to prevent soil from entering a building will save $10.00 in expense of removing it.” Cleaning and Maintenance Management
  8. Message Mats are floor signs. Brand, advertise, promote, remind, warn, direct, welcome, thank and reinforce ideas, while keeping floors clean and dirt out. What a great idea!
  9. Improve your business image and promote your brand with our sharp looking logo mats or our high definition photographic quality image logo mats.
  10. Reduce employee fatigue and injury by putting anti-fatigue mats at each of your standing work stations.

Baltimore Washington Mat Facts

At Baltimore Washington Mat Service, we keep our eye on the ball, HAPPY CUSTOMERS. We provide consistently good service, quality products, and competitive prices for mats, mops, towels, microfiber products, aprons, bar towels and more to guarantee customers are happy. Our customers refer associates, colleagues, friends, neighbors and relatives helping us to grow across Maryland, Baltimore, Washington DC and Northern Virginia, as well as Southern Pennsylvania, Delaware and Delmarva areas.

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