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Classic Mats

  • High twist, heat-set nylon yarn construction resists packing and crushing. Dirt filters into the mat rather than remaining on top.
  • Mat is static dissipative with StainStopperâ„¢ Technology.
  • Yarn dyed with Perma-Dyeâ„¢ dying technology for vibrant color.
  • 100% nitrile rubber backing for increased slip and skid resistance.
  • Colors: black, brown, walnut, navy, red, burgundy, green, stardust gray

Classic Mat from Baltimore Washington Mat Service

Baltimore Washington Mat Facts

Mat combinations and how you lay them can make them more effective. Mats laid vertically (longways) will typically require more steps to cross. These additional steps can help remove additional dirt, moisture or debris that would otherwise enter your building. Adding a Super-scrape mat outside your front door has the same effect and helps keep larger debris off your interior mats, keeping your lobby looking nice. Most people think of mats for entrances only. Look at your floors. High traffic areas where soiling and wear are evident, areas that may become wet like the bathrooms, the water fountain or cooler, the coffee station, the lunchroom, refrigerators, refrigerated areas, these are all good places for mat placement. Want to solve those constant paper jams at the copier? Our mats are static dissipative, put one in front of your copier and see what happens.

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