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Message Mats

  • Provide important messages while capturing tracked in dirt and moisture, reducing slip and fall accidents and maintaining your floor.
  • Quality Control, Safety, Directional, Instructional, Advertising, Branding, Marketing, Custom messages all available.
  • State-of-the-art digitally printed carpet.
  • Static dissipative nylon yarn treated with StainStopperâ„¢ Technology.
  • 100% nitrile rubber backing for increased slip and skid resistance.

Message Mat from Baltimore Washington Mat Service

Baltimore Washington Mat Facts

Different types of flooring materials have different properties. Hard, shiny flooring is almost always slippery when it is wet. A carpeted mat or rubber mat will provide more friction or traction than polished concrete, marble, tile, or finished hardwood floors. It is usually not feasible to replace the flooring. In these cases, mats and runners are excellent alternatives and can reduce the risk of a slip and fall accident or injury. Different mats serve different purposes. At an entryway, companies will place a rough rubber mat outside the doorway to remove debris, such as mud or leaves, from an individual’s shoes. An absorbent type of mat designed to trap moisture can be placed inside of the door. Water fountains/coolers, lunch rooms, ice machines, rest rooms and coffee stations pose obvious hazards. Mat solutions work.

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